About Us

Our Story

Me and my husband were always passionate about pets and our dream was to transform that passion into reality! 
Our story started when our dog Lilly got sick and had to leave us for a couple of weeks. Our house just felt really empty and quiet without her. That was the time we realized that we wish we could have made one of her many snaps come alive. When we finally got her back, the best feeling was being able to cuddle with her again. We wanted to create something that would comfort us if we would be separate from our Lilly again. We came up with the idea of creating life-sized pet shaped pillows. We wanted them to be soft and cuddly, look exactly like our loving pets and be with us FOREVER. They don’t only comfort us while we are apart from them, but they also give our homes an extra spark. 

Our Brand Concept

We have created a dedicated team for Snapicle who are as passionate about pets as me and my husband are! Our objective is to create the most unique product of your beloved pet. It is our passion to create an experience full of joy for our customers. The Snapicle team strives to make sure that all of our customers are perfectly satisfied with their orders! We want to provide the most unique and best quality items to all pet lovers.

We believe that if we stick to these principles we can make everyone happy. ❤


Aneka & Adam.
Founders of Snapicle.